This competitive review compares Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to Pivotal Java development options Oracle WebLogic Server IBM WebSphere Application Server editions and associated Liberty Profile. Several, specific differences between JBoss EAP and the competition are presented. Red Hat believes that in some cases the competition offers similar capabilities, but in many cases they do not.

JBoss EAP provides a flexible Java EE application platform equally at home running on-premise or in a cloud environment. It can be used as a platform to maintain existing Java EE code as well as create new applications using both traditional and emerging design methodologies such as microservices.

For deployment in the cloud, Red Hat recommends using JBoss EAP with OpenShift by Red Hat. OpenShift is a high quality platform as a service that embraces technology such as Linux containers, Kubernetes, and continuous integration/ continuous delivery. Products in the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio including JBoss Fuse, JBoss BRMS, JBoss Data Grid, and of course JBoss EAP are available for use on OpenShift. Plus, Red Hat subscription cores can be moved from on-premise to the cloud, and vice versa for no additional cost.

When it comes to support, Red Hat has built a staff of experienced people ready to work with subscribers. All Red Hat JBoss Middleware subscriptions include unlimited incident support, version updates, and bug fixes, plus access to the Red Hat Customer Portal, for the full life cycle of your subscription. Should you require on-site assistance, our associates in professional services can be contracted to help with your projects.

Red Hat JBoss EAP is available in 16- and 64-core entitlements at a price point that can potentially provide a rapid return on investment as reported by IDC. Our subscribers can use the savings that can be realized by choosing JBoss EAP and other Red Hat JBoss Middleware products to start more projects, deploy more middleware throughout the enterprise, and apply more time and budget towards innovation.

Innovate more and spend less with a Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform subscription. Contact your Red Hat sales professional for more information.

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