Red Hat’s price advantage

Red Hat JBoss Middleware’s subscription-based pricing is an attractive alternative to the license fees and ongoing support costs that can be associated with other vendors. While the total cost of acquisition for an application platform does not reflect all costs associated with usage of the application platform, it certainly represents a base cost that larger models can expand on.

An IDC report commissioned by Red Hat provides a more detailed report on the business value of Red Hat JBoss EAP. This report involved interviews with several JBoss EAP customers and determined that they will achieve an average three-year return on investment (ROI) in JBoss EAP of 509% and break even on their investment in an average of 9.4 months. There are several reasons why:

  • Realizing substantial savings compared with the commercial application development platforms being replaced.
  • Capturing time savings and efficiency for their application development teams and improving their productivity levels.
  • Addressing business opportunities through faster deployment of applications and improved application performance.
  • Reducing the impact of application downtime with more reliable applications.

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