What kind of Java EE development are you doing?

Typically, an organization deploys an application platform which has a tight relationship to the type of applications created and the environment they are created in. To simply characterize the changes we have seen in application development in recent years, Gartner coined the term bimodal development. This term describes the dual need for development that focuses on stability and another that focuses on agility. While the mode definitions appear mutually exclusive, it is common to see both concurrently pursued in company application development groups.

With a release history reaching back to 1999, it is no surprise that Java EE is often viewed as well suited for mode one development. Certainly the Java EE platform has features well suited for large scale, full featured applications. Sometimes called “monolithic,” traditional Java EE applications package everything needed to run into a single deployment unit.

Additional external dependencies on supporting technology such as databases may be required.

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