Comparing Java Application Platforms from Red Hat, Pivotal, IBM, and Oracle

This is the starting page for a series of pages with content that compares the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) to  Java application platforms from Pivotal, IBM, and Oracle. Navigation between sections of the document is performed using the table of contents shown in the right sidebar.

Each section of this electronic document targets a specific topic and first presents how JBoss Enterprise Application Platform fits into the topic. At the bottom of the page you will commonly find additional content on how Pivotal, IBM, and Oracle relates to the topic. When available, such content will appear in tabs like those shown below this paragraph. Click on the tab to read content specific to each company.

Content for the tab Pivotal

Content for the tab IBM

Content for the tab Oracle

The content in these pages was first published in July 2016. Over time, I expect to be updating and adding new content. Please feel free to provided comments and suggestions!



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